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We've been a family owned business in the Flathead Valley since 1962 manufacturing our boat docks across the Northwest. We stand behind our products with a 25 year warranty.


I must say that I personally have never had a more pleasant experience during a purchase. The professional staff of Glacier Dock was both understanding and extremely knowledgeable within their field.

My wife and I were at first a bit overwhelmed when looking to have a dock put in on our lakefront property; there were many types, warranties, and of course pricing was a big concern as well.

We had an idea of what we wanted and needed but had worries about warranty, quality, and endurance of a product that can be exposed to a sometimes harsh environment.

Brian and his crew alleviated all our worries and concerns very quickly. He explained the actual value of Glacier Dock’s systems and giving a 25 year warranty on his product and workmanship was a welcome comfort.

Having weighed the pros and cons of perhaps purchasing a lower cost dock without an adequate warranty made the decision even easier.

One final praise I must add is Glacier Dock’s "service", which is outstanding. Not only was installed in a professional manner and at a reasonable cost, without my self needing to deal with it (being an older person I’m not as spry as I once was),making my experience on the water a better one. They also offered me a "resetting" service- which meant I could have my dock installed early in the season and as the water rose during the year they came out and did the "resetting" for me.

In closing I want to say that choosing Glacier Dock was the easiest and possibly the smartest things I have done in recent memory.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience Brian and crew of Glacier Dock.

My wife and I were recently in the market for a dock to add value to our lakefront home. After many hours of research and much discussion we opted for a Glacier Dock.

From what we were able to discover Glacier Dock has been producing quality products in the greater Flathead valley and beyond for well over 20 years. Their reputation for quality, workmanship, service, and standing behind their product was unsurpassed. So, the decision was certainly an easy one.

I have seen some of the "other" dock systems at my neighbors and was unwilling to risk this kind of expenditure and not receive the quality and service that Glacier Dock provides.

I highly recommend that if you are considering upgrading your old dock or simply thinking of adding a new one your first and last call should be Glacier Dock.

Thanks Again,
Bill & Margaret

I recently had my Glacier Dock "upgraded", essentially I wanted more square footage added to my "older" dock system.

Over the many years of enjoyment our dock from Glacier Dock has provided it has seen its share of stress and strain as does any dock in this area. During those years when anything of concern arose Brian went above and beyond to deal with them and satisfy those concerns

So, when it came time for the larger area in which to accommodate more friends and family at my waterfront getaway Glacier Dock was the only choice. Brian and I sat down and came up with a plan (a quite affordable one I might add).

Within a couple weeks Brian called and asked if I was ready for my new addition. I was very excited and have grown to expect the promptness with which he dealt with my request. He and his crew came out and installed my new "baby".

The timely manner of his manufacture and install is greatly appreciated. Making the decision to have Glacier Dock part of my life years ago was certainly a smart move and is the way I would steer any of my friends.

Thank you Glacier Dock for being such an important part of my waterfront home’s life.